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[edit] Kogoug, Bugbear Assassin

[edit] Background

Kogoug was born into the Magaas Tribe as the son of the Chieftain Pakt'or and grew up as most Bugbears do, enjoying only slight favor of parentage. By his eleventh year it was clear that Kogoug was different, and strange things sometimes happened when he was enraged. The Tribe's Hunt did were reluctant to initiate him with the others of his age, and some suggested banishment, at the risk of the Chieftain's ire. The Tribe's Shaman offered to take Kogoug and train him, any male cub rejected by both the Hunt and the Shaman would never live to adulthood, but Pakt'or would not have one of his offspring shamed in this way. After all, apart from the rumors, Kogoug would have been initiated into the Hunt even before his eleventh year. Instead Kogoug was named chief-to-be, and was to be trained personally by Pakt'or. This earned Kogoug the ire of many in the Tribe, especially his many half-siblings.

Unfortunately after a private ceremony initiating Kogoug into adulthood, Pakt'or had little time to personally train his protege. Kogoug focused on the sparse and abbreviated lessons he did get from his father, and spent more and more time alone to avoid the inevitable trouble with some members of his Tribe.

In Kogoug's 13th year the invaders came. The Hunt got wind of them first, having encountered and dispatched a scouting party with a few losses of their own. The Tribe's council sent scouts of their own to find the main body of the invading force, and intended to attack them at their own camp. It was Kogoug that discovered the trap that was being set: a small obvious camp of fifty soldiers located to be easily found, but surrounded by an ambush force of several hundred. The main fighting force of the Magaas Tribe would be engaged at the camp, while another force of two hundred would march on the Tribe itself.

Kogoug met the Hunt, already on the march, and convinced Pakt'or to wait. Hunt elders quickly met with two nearby tribes, and set up an ambush of their own. In the end, the Magaas Hunt attacked the ambush camp, but being warned fared well against the encircling force, eventually breaking them. The invading force was all but wiped out as they marched into Magaas, themselves surrounded by motley force of Bugbears, Hobgoblins, and Goblins.

While many survived, the Magaas Tribe was broken. Surviving members of the Hunt stayed with Pakt'or and began a guerrilla campaign against the human invaders, while most other survivors went to other Tribes as refugees. But they were not the only populations invaded, and were not the only refugees. Soon the woods of Magaas were filled with humans fleeing their own towns and villages, some even fought as guerrillas against the invaders, but all stayed clear of the Hunt if they could. The Hunt was not always picky about the allegiance of those who met the cook-pot.

During this time Kogoug came upon a human woman fleeing from some soldiers. Though he was well hidden, she met his eyes as she passed, and something in her gaze made Kogoug angry. He leapt upon the first soldier before he knew what was happening, and chopped his head from his body. The second soldier turned and whether it was the gruesome sight or the look on Kogoug's face (or the power Kogoug had yet to tap) he fell screaming and scrambling away in terror. Two more soldiers proved a tougher battle, until one of them stumbled over a stick thrust behind his legs by the fleeing woman. Kogoug quickly dispatched the falling man, and the other stood little chance on his own.

Kogoug did not know what to make of this woman at first, not having much experience with humans (or women.) She surprisingly knew his language, being some sort of scholar, and although she had a strange accent, Kogoug found that he liked talking to her. He sheltered her in the den where he had been hiding and got to know her over the next few weeks. She was not so unattractive, for a human, though sometimes she made his mouth water. Of course she would not eat humans, or goblins, or anything else that walked upright (not even the livers!) so Kogoug found himself hunting deer and rabbits and other faster prey to feed her. Her name was Nita.

Soon it seemed Nita knew as much about Kogoug as he did himself, and she wanted to join him as he spied on the invaders and looked for weaknesses to exploit. Eventually she convinced him, and she was able to keep relatively quiet and hidden. Her insights proved useful as well, and led to several successful raids, though Kogoug never mentioned Nita to the others when he sought their help. Nita gained Kogoug's trust, and Kogoug earned the respect of the Hunt, or what remained of it.

One day Nita came up with a plan to visit the invaders in disguise, as a camp follower, to see if she could learn more. Kogoug felt an unreasonable apprehension at this idea, and realized that he was in love with the human. Sensing his tension, Nita met his eyes the way she had the first day they met, and lightly brushing his face with her hand she told him she would be alright.

Nita was gone for three days, and Kogoug did not sleep. When she returned she was ashen, which isn't normal for humans. An army of two thousand men was being sent to clean out the forest, and if that didn't work more would come. Nina also said that those who had remained in the towns and villages were getting back to their normal lives once accepting the invaders. As long as they pledged to follow the new rulers their lives would be little different. After days of coaxing, she convinced him to find Pakt'or and the Magaas elders and urge them to make peace with the invaders.

When the army of two thousand arrived in the plain, the elders conceded. They marched into their old Magaas Tribe camp, now a human outpost, and offered a truce. There was some deliberation, and some restrictive boundaries were placed upon the mountain inhabitants, but in general the humans were happy to have an end to the constant harassment by the Bugbear Tribes as long as they kept order in the woods, and accepted the authority of the human leaders.

Then Nita was there, and at first Kogoug thought she was in disguise as a soldier. But when he met her eyes, all he saw was sadness. "That one is the Chieftain," she said, pointing out Pakt'or in the council, "and they will not accept another leader while he lives." This was true. One of the humans pointed a wand at Pakt'or and uttered something under his breath. Kogoug's father's eyes went wide and his muscles clenched, and seeing the reaction of his son and the council he raised his hand as if to silence them. As he fell dead upon the ground, something in Kogoug broke.

Kogoug awoke in his den, covered in blood, though not much of it was his. By its smell it was days old, and cracked as he stirred. Near the fire was a white cloth, carefully folded. As he unwrapped it he found his father's brooch of office, Chieftain of the dead Tribe of Magaas, and now a worthless trinket; a reminder of Kogoug's failure. Beneath that lay another, smaller brooch. This one Nita had worn, though Kogoug never asked of its significance. On the back was the emblem he did recognize. The emblem of a city; a flying city.

Kogoug watched from the shadows as a reluctant peace settled upon the land, and most of the soldiers moved on to conquer more territory. Many members of the Hunt joined the humans, who both had come to respect, and hand earned the respect of some of the humans. Kogoug felt lost, and began to wander. He dressed himself in the way other Bugbears did when they lived with humans, and began to explore the human world. When the plunder he had been trading ran low he took on some employment as hired muscle, though these jobs were mostly limited to looking frightening.

One day while Kogoug was pondering how he came to be in his present situation, only three years after the invaders came to destroy his previous life, a shady half-elf stole some of his employer's goods while his employer was engaged in a heated discussion with another merchant. After a brief moment of surprise Kogoug gave chase into the maze of alleyways between the buildings of the merchant's quarter. The thief apparently thought he had escaped, and slowed, looking over his shoulder. Until this point Kogoug was actually somewhat happy for the change in pace, as standing around had quickly become boring. The look on the thief's face, as if he was playing a joke on the Bugbear, turned Kogoug's interest to rage. The half-elf stopped, made a gesture to a section of wall, and started to leap through an opening that suddenly appeared. Kogoug bellowed in rage and dove after the thief. Despite being two-dozen strides away, Kogoug somehow caught the thief's belt as he jumped; as if the shadows in the opening had somehow congealed around the thief, slowing him in mid air.

After a brief struggle Kogoug was about to remove the thief's smug little head when the thief suddenly went limp and said, "Well, I guess you ARE ready." Then the shadows seemed to grab Kogoug and pull him off of the half-elf. Thus Kogoug was introduced to the Night Stalker guild. As his experiences with humans so far had involved a lot of selfishness, greed, and betrayal, Kogoug felt little sympathy for the humans amongst whom he dwelt, he quickly became an exemplary student of the guild. The natural psychic talents that had made the Magaas Tribe nervous were lauded and encouraged in the Guild, and the Night Stalkers quickly became his new Tribe in his his mind.

In less than a year one of the Guild-masters took Kogoug to a neighboring city and introduced him to the Third Hand. There was some arrangement between the two groups that Kogoug didn't quite understand, but his training would continue with a slightly different focus. He was to join the Third Hand, joining other exceptional recruits from the Night Stalkers and other guilds, but he would also retain his ties to his new Tribe.

The first time Kogoug entered the secret Hall of the Third Hand in the Emperor's flying city, Kogoug recognized the symbol emblazoned on the floor. It's likeness hung on a fine steel chain around his neck, next to his father's badge of office.

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